Historical romance. Paranormal romance. Urban Fantasy romance.
All charged with emotion and the determination that love will conquer all.

Nightmare Chronicles
Before I Wake by Kathryn Smith

Before I Wake

July 29, 2008

Dark Side of Dawn by Kathryn Smith

Dark Side of Dawn

November 24, 2009

Brotherhood of the Blood
Be Mine Tonight by Kathryn Smith

Be Mine Tonight

June 27, 2006

Night of the Huntress by Kate Smith

Night of the Huntress

January 30, 2007

Taken By the Night by Kathryn Smith

Taken By the Night

October 30, 2007

Let The Night Begin by Kathryn Smith

Let The Night Begin

June 23, 2008

Night After Night by Kathryn Smith

Night After Night

January 27, 2009

Historical Romances
When Tempting A Rogue by Kathryn Smith

When Tempting A Rogue

April 26, 2011

When Marrying A Scoundrel by Kathryn Smith

When Marrying A Scoundrel

May 25, 2010

When Seducing A Duke by Kathryn Smith

When Seducing A Duke

September 29, 2009

A Seductive Offer by Kathryn Smith

A Seductive Offer

May 5, 2009

Still in My Heart

August 30, 2005

In Your Arms Again by Kathryn Smith

In Your Arms Again

May 25, 2004

For the First Time by Kathryn Smith

For the First Time

September 30, 2003

In The Night by Kathryn Smith

In The Night

September 30, 2003

Into Temptation by Kathryn Smith

Into Temptation

January 28, 2003

Emily and the Scot by Kathryn Smith

Emily and the Scot

November 26, 2002

  • Out of Print
A Game of Scandal by Kathryn Smith

A Game of Scandal

July 1, 2002

Anna and the Duke by Kathryn Smith

Anna and the Duke

April 30, 2002

  • Out of Print
Elusive Passion by Kathryn Smith

Elusive Passion

April 2, 2001

Naughty or Nice? featuring Kathryn Smith

Naughty or Nice?

April 1, 2010

Weddings from Hell featuring Kathryn Smith

Weddings from Hell

March 17, 2009